Election 2010: It’s the Sun wot spun it


Parliament flashmob today. Check the Facebook event page for more info.

Are you in London this lunchtime? Then I guess I’ll see you at a location soon to be divulged for a newspaper swordfight. The coverage from the partisan press has been pretty shameful this time round – Clegg and Brown have had the same dumping on that Kinnock faced, as Murdoch scrabbles to make sure he’s backed the winning side in the election.Â

Let’s come together to show that whatever is leading the news on Sky or writ in big letters on news-stands isn’t necessarily what people are thinking, and that it’s the views of the ordinary voters of the UK, not the opinions of an Aussie billionaire paper baron that should determine the outcome of this election.

Plus it’s sunny of course – nice lunch break…

More on the event here, and if for some wierd reason you find yourself out in the provinces today, then you can always take 38Degrees’ online action instead!

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