That coalition website strategy in full

Herewith HMG’s bold master plan to fully seize the opportunities offered by new technology in government, whilst simultaneously heavily reducing actual websites, staff and cash. In one stroke this policy shall put an end to waste, open up brave new possibilities, and compeltely eliminate confusion.

  1. Announce you’re going to close 3/4 of government websites, claiming you’ll do away with:
    1. anything unco-ordinated,
    2. anything unnecessarily expensive,
    3. anything under-used,
      1. (in which case, said currently paid-up websites will presumably have to be broken up and re-developed into other sites or DirectGov – see 1.2)
    4. any vanity sites.
  2. Announce all new websites will go through Frances Maude’s new senior committee, which will:
    1. decide if they’ll be useful enough to be allowed,
    2. decide if they’re usable and used enough to be allowed,
      1. (for which they will presumably have to quickly gain a lot of technical knowledge to make tactical judgements below their pay grade – see 1.2)
    3. champion centralised co-ordination in eGov web resources,
    4. have no remit over print and outdoor ad campaigns, as you obviously never get any kind of poor value there.
  3. Immediately announce two new websites (admirably cheaply constructed), offering:
    1. a half-arsed show of consultation (see 2.1), and
    2. nice videos of George Osborne and Nick Clegg (see 1.4).
  4. Replicate stage 3 in Facebook, claiming in an online chat with Mark Zuckerberg that actually building a website for stage 3 (as you did) would have been silly as it would have cost “millions if not billions”.
  5. Call for exclusive use of the web in recruitment as it’s cost effective and transparent, even though:
    1. your proposal of cutting print job ads might make it harder for 30%+ of the population to access them,
    2. your idea that local people could investigate ‘non-jobs’ will mean jobs have to be spelled out in much more context to justify them to Have Your Say users (see 1.2).
  6. Announce a 1/3 cut to DirectGov, the service which co-ordinates government web properties (see 1.1, 1.3.1, 2.3).

Phew! That all clear then?

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