Bloogle: See no evil, do no evil?

Check it out – I’ve got a sneak preview of the latest service from everyone’s favourite search engine:

Okay, only joking, but here’s an interesting piece in the Guardian today about new media behemoth Google’s first forays into politics, sponsoring candidates in the States (so far a Republican who’s in favour of net neutrality – admittedly an endangered species) and cosying up with Dave in front of the webcam over here.

The Google name itself has already done more than money could for the Tories – adding instant modernist kudos to their conference and the webcameron adventure. This new NetPAC sounds odd though, getting its funds from Google staffers.

Wonder if it will start to open any schisms at the Googleplex, where many of the hip young things are also of a fairly lefty bent. Heaven forbid the footsoldiers could start doubting the company’s “Do no evil” motto – something they may well be doing already, given the company’s wavering stance over its China operations and censorship.

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