OakhamletEek! Spotted at Charing Cross this morning – an advert for a new Kent housing development, with a logo I’m sure I’ve seen somewhere before.

Indeed, a quick shufty at their website seems to confirm it. “The traditions of yesterday”, “cricket green”, “all the benefits normally associated with a exclusive country club.” The pub is called the Spitfire, and the photos in the brochure aren’t exactly multi-cultural. Plus of course there are the whopping great gates at the front to “engender a private community”.

A gated village? In the Tory heartland of rural Kent? Egad! It appears that Cameron has given up all hope of winning the next election and instead is working on an emergency plan B – The construction of a top-secret Tory fortress, where the Cameroonies can hole up and plot their sinister revenge on the nation.

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