The world’s shortest dispute.


Yay! Victory! Derek is free again to poke and be poked in his natural habitat! Not a moment too soon either, as it looks like was starting to resort to making his own entertainment.

After a few stern emails saying no appeal against his Facebook ban – Derek Blackadder is back. Out of the blue, an email from a customer services manager, saying they’d reviewed his case after all, and nicely apologising for the inconvenience.

Truth be told, I don’t think this was a conspiracy or intentional on their part, just that they’ve saved on hiring too many customer services staff (to service their multi-millions of users), and so have a policy of just not escalating and reckoning they’ll get 100 new users for every one they lose.

Pity they didn’t escalate before 1,750 unionists protested about it, but hey…

****Much**** thanks to everyone who helped so much with this, and I’m sure Derek will now be kicked out again for adding you all as friends! 😉

And to Eric & the other LabourStarties, natch!

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5 thoughts on “The world’s shortest dispute.

  1. Maybe it’s some kind of protest against the logging of old growth forests that are then used for chopsticks……………..?

  2. This is excellent news and shows that pressure can be brought to bare on Facebook.

    Now, if only they’d take heed of the thousands who’ve campaigned for the addition of ‘socialist’ to political views. I am not an ‘other’, I am red.

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