How DO they do that?

Certainly impressed with the state of the art technology on!

I mean, being able to instantly automatically identify me as a wrong ‘un from my IP addy and targetedly refuse me access like this, whilst I imagine letting all the 2.0Tories straight in without any hiccups, that’s some mad skillz! Would expect nothing less from “probably the most advanced party political campaigning network of its kind outside of America”.


UPDATE 4/10/09: Here’s more on the story from El Reg. Admittedly much respect for the 404 pages though…

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2 thoughts on “How DO they do that?

  1. Heh heh – no, sorry Derek, I was just taking the mickey out of them for having a site down the day after launching it – in fact it’s probably a good sign for them if there’s that much interest it crashes them. There’s lots of hype around how it’s the best thing since the big BO, but judging by their short video demo, it does look like a very nicely put together tool, more’s the pity!

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