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Fighting dirty in the courts: They don’t like it up ‘em

Friday, May 27th, 2011

Whodathunkit? A labor-sympathetic judge has used a technicality to strike down Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s bill to remove collective bargaining rights for his public sector workers.

Makes a nice change from the kind of court intervention in industrial disputes that we’re getting more used to on our side of the pond, where bizarre balloting technicalities are increasingly being used by employers to block union members’ attempts to take strike action. (more…)

Now is our winter of discontent made glorious dumber by this son of Dork

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

The government are plotting another round of regulations on unions’ industrial action rights, if today’s Daily Mail article “Tories plot to curb unions to prevent second winter of discontent over spending cuts” is anything to be believed.

Winter of discontent? That sounds pretty serious – apocalyptic even. We haven’t had one of those since the 70’s – no wonder the Government are spooked.

But what’s this? Consulting the Daily Mail’s own search engine, we seem to have already experienced a ‘spring of discontent’ this year, oh, and a ‘summer of discontent’. And they confidently predict an ‘autumn of discontent’ to match the currently threatened ‘winter of discontent’. (more…)