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March for the Alternative: of widgets and stewards

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Check out the neat-o widget here – though I think you’ll have to sit through a lot of people’s messages before you get to my one – it’s in there, honest!

I’ll be marching on 26th March for an alternative to the Coalition’s plans for fast and deep cuts to public spending. In fact, I’ll most likely be helping steward the event, but if you’re looking out for stewards’ tabards to find me, you might take a while. Event managers suggest a steward for every 50 marchers, which on a turnout over a hundred k will take 2,000 people volunteering to look out for their fellow marchers.

If you’re one such public spirited person, and think you look good in hi-vis, you can find out more about volunteering, and put your name in the ring over at the new March for the Alternative site.

Striking new video for Spanish General Strike

Monday, September 20th, 2010

This amused me today. Spanish union federation CCOO are hosting a contest for user generated 40 second ads to get the word round about the upcoming General Strike (29 September). Don’t know if this one is from a supporter or CCOO themselves, but it’s jolly, memorable, and slightly surreal. Todo fuera, hermanos!