Hrvatski Zvučnici svugdje, pridružite se sindikatu!

OMG how cool is this? A little video about unions that I shot in my lunchbreak 7 years ago has just been remade by trade unionists in Croatia – in Croatian!

This really surprised me as I know colleagues in Spain and the Netherlands tried to translate it into their languages, but found the grammar rules made it a little tricky. Much respect to the guys at SSSH (Union of Autonomous Trade Unions of Croatia) for trying it. Made my day!

ITU Net grab: Russia give us a taste of their ideas for the Internet

A Russian court yesterday ruled that websites which don’t remove Pussy Riot videos from their pages may be blocked. Judge Marina Musimovich (using a vaguely worded law originally aimed at curbing nazi and terrorist material) ruled that videos including the band’s controversial ‘punk prayer’ asking the virgin Mary to kick out Putin, had “elements of …

You don’t need to search too far to find cuts

Last to the party, I know, but I only just stumbled upon Google’s neat-o search stories video maker. It binds together a sort series of searches and answers to make a YouTube vid for you. Very nicely done, and much worth 5 mins fiddle if you’re bored and don’t mind doing Google’s marketing team’s job …