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Woody Sez: Musicals against the cuts!

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

A rather belated endorsement of Woody Sez, the musical currently half way through its 3 month run at the Arts Theatre in London. I went to see it back in January, and have been recommending it since to everyone who’ll listen.

It’s a biography of radical US folk legend Woody Guthrie, told mostly through snippets of his music. Four performers cover all the roles, dispensing with such frippery as props, costume or set changes, and it works kind of as an accompanied monologue, rattling straight through a half century of American history like a west-bound boxcar. (more…)

Liar Liar for Xmas#1: A proper Christmas Carol

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Xmas time again, and another outing for the old family favourite where a trio of ghastly apparitions from days gone and yet to come shock a wayward soul into repudiating his acts of miserly cruelty to those worse off than himself.

Well, if the cameo samples from Maggie, D-Cam and the ghost of future electoral catastrophe, Nick Clegg, in Captain Ska’s Xmas #1 candidate song, Liar Liar, don’t scare Ebeneezer Osborne from his skinflint path, I don’t know what will…

If you haven’t heard the good Captain’s oeuvre yet, check it out in this youtube vid, tell all your friends, and go buy a download of it, to help it storm up the charts.

Imagine if this could make it to the number one spot for Christmas, brandishing two fingers very publically to not only Osborne but chart nasty Simon Cowell as well. Wouldn’t that be the best 79p you ever spent?

Striking new video for Spanish General Strike

Monday, September 20th, 2010

This amused me today. Spanish union federation CCOO are hosting a contest for user generated 40 second ads to get the word round about the upcoming General Strike (29 September). Don’t know if this one is from a supporter or CCOO themselves, but it’s jolly, memorable, and slightly surreal. Todo fuera, hermanos!

JUMBO: New Marseille Figs EP (mostly) out

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

JumboLucky to get a sneak preview of The Marseille Figs’ latest EP “Jumbo”, as my pre-order CD won’t be around for another week, though you can already buy downloads, and it is likely to feature on very heavy rotation on my MP3 to liven up my commutes.