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Congress Voices: Social media mashup at #TUC09

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

Just arrived in Liverpool, ready for this year’s TUC Congress (, which is worryingly my eighth one (I hope there’s some kind of medal). I’m pretty chuffed with some work I’ve been doing on a separate site Congress Voices, which aims to collate social media coverage of Congress, linking people here at the event with the millions of UK trade unionists that this parliament of unions represents.

You can find it at , but if you are blogging, Tweeting or Flickring about Congress, it will hopefully find you! I’ve already noticed a few Tweets coming in on the hashtag #TUC09, and any flickr photos shared with user will also come to our attention. The site also provides a commentable agenda, where users can have their say on the motions under debate, which is another first. (more…)

Et tu Konnie? The stilettos go in

Friday, August 7th, 2009

Ban those evil heels now!Can anyone tell it’s the silly season? 2 days running now, the papers have been having fun with a story on how TUC killjoys would like to ban stiletto heels. It started in the Mail, and whilst I’d not expect them to let facts get in the way of a handcart firmly on it’s way to hell, it’s a little disappointing to see every paper (okay, bar the Morning Star) following their lead without checking either.

As I don’t imagine many people who read this are avid Mail subscribers, I thought I’d do them the favour of posting the article here. Hope you don’t mind if I put in a parallel pedant’s guide for those easily troubled by facts… (more…)